Friday, October 12, 2012

Root your Samsung Galaxy Chat B5330

Before you do so please note that rooting may damage your handset permanently and will void your warranty - please do it on your own risk.I share no responsibility for this activity.

Bin4ry at XDA has a detailed thread and files on how to root any/many (:) android devices on ICS /JB.
It worked for my Galaxy Chat. You too can have try. check out at forum.


alista said...

it is not work on mine....
it says:
mount data failed : not permitted and bla bla bla

Adarsh Mohanty said...

Unlockroot 3.0 will work..
but i cannot install..may be becaunse my internet connection is slow..
but you will succed..go to
and if possible please give me a link for its offline installer..plzzz

ashutos1997 said...

unlock root also not worked , it says " Failed to get shell root" .chat is not rootable

emo fiko said...

gua dah berhasil bro ni tutorial lengkapnya
i already succes please follow this link

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